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Reviews for "Neon 2"

yeah, hearty suggestions PLEASE read if you can

i really didnt like this one over the first one.

untill i learned you could USE CONTROL TO STOP THE SHIP. now, its an amazing game. i WOULD suggest adding a setting guide that allows the player to choose whether he/she wants a scrolling screen or not.

that seems to be an issue on whether people like or dislike this game to the last. then, they could play an upgraded version of neon1 as you could say, or the new neon 2 as is.

ANOTHER MAJOR, MAJOR SUGGESTION: different control scemes. this also seems to be an issue. add some duel controlls such as using the arrow keys to move and the mouse to aim or the keys ASDW to move and arrows to aim. but add them, again, as setting options. with those changes, you will have a masterful game.

trust me.

My first time playing this - good job, it was fun!

A fairly easy, fun game. Thank you!

Not as good at the last one.

I don't like this one as well as Neon 1. The "Anchor" feature is good, but I really didn't care for either the mixed shots or not being able to see the whole play area at once.

good, but...

Awsome job, this was a lot better than the first. The only downside is that it is a complete rip off of geometry wars. Really addicting, and a fun game to play. ALthough its nothin new...

I love it but Damn Collision detection!

Neon 2 is way better than Neon 1 but my major pet peeve are those damn orange homing missiles!!! They don't have to touch you to kill you! I love this game and if you make a 3 please fix the damn arrows!!