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Reviews for "Neon 2"

Mmmm... pretty shapes.

Graphics: Again, very basic, but that's how it should be. <3 the diamond enemies.

Style: In a way, the game screams Geometry Wars, but it is seriously in a league of its own. Very retro :).

Sound: A definite improvement over Neon 1.

Violence: It's a bloody retro-styled arcade game, shoot and let stuff go boom.

Interactivity: It's a game. I definitely like the new additions to the controls. It makes the game less frustrating.

Humor: Again, reading all of the reviews that involve the people that say this is a blatent Geometry Wars ripoff.

Overall: Another excellent game, but this time, I could confidently say it's almost perfect except that the diamonds seemed to track you a little too closely for me.

Not bad

It is fun to play, and I would say is an improvement over the original, but it really is just Geometry Wars: Retro Advanced but worse.

This game is over-hyped

The moving screen is silly and the controls suck. Its ok but nothing on the original Neon.

Good concept but poor controls

I liked the idea, but I think the controls are uncomfortable. Needs more violence as well

Neon 2's Cust

The First Was Better.