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Reviews for "Neon 2"


good that u get more space and more enemys

As fun as the first.

I liked this game very much. It was too similar to the first one in my eyes but I played it longer than the first. I liked it and so will other people.

A whole different game from the first.

I loved the simple and bright graphics. Even though it's just a bunch of simple shape its polished up nice, so it looks great.

All the animation was fluid. I loced the controls, not bunched up or too far apart. I like that you can now free roam, it was almost impossible to dodge even the easy opponants in the first. The only thing that is annoying is that if you have some nice weapon power-up, like a triple-shot, you could accidently run over the one-shot power up and get degraded. But thats just a minor detail.

Overall, great simple and fun gameplay with colorful and stylish graphics. Just like what a flash game should be.

I love geometry wars

I can play geometry wars in the arcade in PGR 3. It would of been better if you could shoot around and behind while going forward.

sweet and simple and addicting.

neon 1 was an asteroid/geometry wars combo, with the waves and enemies but neon 2 feels more like an arena where one tries to get the highest score. the scrolling screen was brilliant, in the first one the purple hexagon could slaughter you in an instant and now you have a chance of dodging them as you can run. also if a corner of the field is under heavy fire then you can just run away and prey on easier prey or wait for the cluster to disperse. the anchor function made it easy and i never used it , as the mouse control for turning and dodging becomes second nature after a while also the smart bomb was interesting but one could forget about it easily.
the powerups were a bit more mindboggling, like getting your gun demoted from a reverse or triple shot to a single one, also homing and mine shots could be used at the same time as your normal shots which was very helpful. the speed boost didn't help much as you could move quickly if you just put a lot of distance from the cursor from the ship. the enemies were cool and i dont know if this is a glitch or not but you can go right through the red square enemies w/o losing a life.
Overall though it seems like the neon formula was manipulated and changed rather than continued.