Reviews for "Neon 2"


Just plain awesome! I love these games, maybe you should make a third? Haha add a storyline. That would be awesome.

But yeah back to reviewing, it was a great game, same shapes. different style ( which was very unique by the way ) and I just GRRR I love the game!

I'm adding it to my favorites.

Keep up the good work dudes!

game freezes

dunno why but after i hit 300k each time in points the bullets i shoot out starts to stay frozen in the game blocking me from seeing the game. happened to me each time i passed 300k currently ranked 49 all time(12/13/06) but i couldve gotten so much more if the game didnt glitch up. eventually the game laggs to unplayable because theres so many bullets filling up the screen, which is a real bummer dude.

I loved it

this is much better than the first . you finaly can maove aroun more but is a little harder than the first one

The good and bad (or vise versa).......

After playing both (a lot), I have a few things I'd like to share.

First, the purple hexagons. They're too fast. Even with the speed boost, they stay right on your tail. I'd like to see them slowed down a bit.

Second, why can you shoot the things the round yellow guys shoot out, but not the orange square ones? It gets really annoying when there's 20 or so of those orange triangles all over the screen.

Third, the combination of very good handling and the screen moving can get confusing.

Last, it'd be a good idea to be able to put the pointer a little bit in front of your shooter guy. Sometimes you want to aim but not move, and that's hard if your guy's following every little move the mouse makes.

Now that I've said my grievences(sp), I will sing your praises.......well , not really. I can't sing to well. Anyway, here's the things I DID like.

-The game itself. Loved the first one, and this one is about as good, though I prefer the original.

-The new enemies are cool.

-More space then the first.

-The upgrading system is better, and adding downgrades really makes you take a second look at what you're getting.

Loved it more than its little brother!

Wow. I really loved this one. Neon 2 is the most classic flash game ever. The graphics are good, and I love that old skool feel you get from playing it. The sound was good, and its an overall good game. Maybe a Neon 3 is on the horizon? Who knows?!