Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"


another quality entry in a quality series. keep em comin and keep em fresh

i dont know what the last guy was on

but this was pretty damn good. i mean, the last reviewer probly hadn't even seen the other flashes if he reviewed like that. i havent seen the others in a while but i still get the basic story and wanna see more from u. its all good what u doin so far

Still running strong!

Great to see flashes on the site still, not based around a damn squirrel. the funky ass intro beat I still cant stop dancing to, but I am a bit curious as to why big dude has to have so much..squeak in his voice.

keep that creativity runnin!


Dj Pasty...WTF!!!! This was the weakest episode yet, but it was still funny.


how'd u get such a good bong noise?
"wut was it we was supposed to do again?"
fuckin stoner memory
keep em comin