Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"

Yet again, another nice submission

Good Points:
The graphics were put into with effort and ability, and you have i think a original genre and style to your flashes. Your sound was well put and it was rather funny.

Bad Points:
It could have been longer and i did get a bit bored

Overall: Its was a great flash and overall appealing, good job.


Another nice flash, just keep em comming!

very good

strange, its under judgement yet its on the front page.
But i know this will get through no problem. Beleave it

I just saw it... and it's in the front page!

That thing was maybe the funniest one!

Sounds-a great voice acting.
Style-sure is great.
Violence-wow! disk!

Great flash, great serias great author!

Keep that up!

Original and Realistic

The cockroach had a really funny accent and style of speaking, Orlando and the gang were realistic and the animations ran for a considerable amount of time. Music was boring though and the delay's between animations was annoying. Keep up the good work.