Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"

Learn from other's mistakes.

African americans don't have lead roles in cartoons for a reason.

I'm not racist, it's just a good tip for this sort of thing. I mean, has there ever been a hit animation/cartoon that starred a black person?

Examples -

That one cartoon with the black super hero who had electric powers. It bombed. What was it called, Static shock?

I can't think of any other examples because since fat albert no one has been brave enough to risk it.

I know this isn't a cartoon and that it's just a flash animation but for future success, just remember, african americans are hard to relate to and are far from appealing.

By the way, this flash got a crap score because the whole sassy cock roach and the drugs and all of the other troubled youth shit is just not entertaining.


it was pretty good but the thing that sucked about it is just as I was getting in to it, it said to be continued and usualy when that happens they flash arent that short


it really sucked and was pointless and too short and nothing special about it and orlando bloom isn't black


another quality entry in a quality series. keep em comin and keep em fresh

HAHAHA I Love This Series

Wooo Hooo im one of the first too review this...another good one it was funny, original, good art, good sound it was all around another good episode. although i agree with the guy before me that it could of been longer. can't wait too see the next episode. we will be waiting