Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"

Freakin' Awesome.

I've watched the whole series, and this one was just as good as the last. I was kind of disappointed that your starting to veer off of running the coffee shop, but you my as well get some new story in there while you still can. So good luck with the flash, and keep up the good work.

Story is brilliant

Atleast in my opinion :).
The depth, voice acting, animating, I love all of it, that's why I have you added to my fav artists list.

Keep em coming or sumthing, I just love it.

My least favorite out of all of them

Out of all the Orlando's Joint flashes this one is the worst.Its not bad but there could have been more happening.

That's quite sad Lanti

You say you're not racist but you sound somewhat like a fearful or reserved bigot. Perhaps you're not, but I'm just saying. True stuff like drugs that's constantly related to the youth in today's society isn't really all that appealing. However, saying something like the african-american cannot have a well played lead role is ridiculous. A good example is the Boondocks- a popular and successful comic series where a majority of the characters are black. Perhaps if much of today's society didn't relate african-americans to some stereotypes in the media some people like you would find us to be more "appealing" and give us more roles in the field of animation, eh?

But now this review is for our flash artist Mr. Anthony:

Although the flash was short it was interesting because of the little cliff-hanger you left us. Why would anyone want to hurt Orlando? And why with a record and who is this D.J pasty? Nice animation, fine sounds, good VA's not as funny but okay.

i dont know what the last guy was on

but this was pretty damn good. i mean, the last reviewer probly hadn't even seen the other flashes if he reviewed like that. i havent seen the others in a while but i still get the basic story and wanna see more from u. its all good what u doin so far