Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"

Still running strong!

Great to see flashes on the site still, not based around a damn squirrel. the funky ass intro beat I still cant stop dancing to, but I am a bit curious as to why big dude has to have so much..squeak in his voice.

keep that creativity runnin!

I liked it man

I like it that was a good show there maybe orlando will be the new guy in that video shout or something like that well at any rate I am feeling good right now after watching that could just be I got done eating a thanksgiving supper but then again maybe not I'm so sleepy chow. Oh and ugh I think this flash is not too shabby. Good work man, peace HB out!

pretty cool

thats good got a nice laugh

Funny as shit

But I swear to god it is fucking impossible to say "Bubonic-Bionic-Chronic" when you are stoned.


Your sounds and voices are really good. They really fit the characters. Your graphics are really cool too. I really liked it.