Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #6"

Not half bad.

Unfortunately, I don't have the attention span to review all six pieces, so this is a one shot. My friend was watching this with me t the time, so we can agree on something: the graphics need a little bit of improvement, especially on the backgrounds (eh, nothing's perfect). The sound quality for your pieces is also pretty shabby in some points, seeing as I had to bump the volume up to a certain level (the voice acting is a nice touch though. But Ponzi started getting on my nerves.) But as you can see from the points above, I was impressed with your sense of humor. The funniest section for this in my book would be the part with the white director ("You guys are dope. You're badass mofos. But this just isn't working"). I would be confident in saying your comical tastes are as entertaining as the old Boondocks comics (that's saying something :) Good luck on everything else. Hope to see more soon.

am actually kinda

+++ Great sound/voices

++ The list made me smile

++ As did the camp music video thing

++ Certainly piques my curiousity, with the questions it raises.

- the straight lines around the bug's head look wierd and incongruous with the other brushed lines

-- I hate the final pic of the joint.

--- A lot of the movie didn't really make me feel anything

Though some of it was kinda 'enh' (like the intro), I kinda enjoyed it and am actually kinda looking forward to the next episode!

its was hot

hmm.. yeah i need too see number 7 mann... great work mann

Qute boring

It was actually quite boring. Try to make it funny and add in some jokes or something.

sorry didnt like it

umm i dont know how to comment to that except make it funnier and more violent and i dont know, i didnt really like it myself but keep tryin.