Reviews for "Dailytoon #273"

Gave me a heart attack there.

I knew imedietly that ryan robinsons flash was a screamer so I tried to x out of it but it was too late and ended up covering my ears. Lol you should've seen the look on my face when I was scared. Anyhoo, Nice job putting in the Brawl theme. Piclownjew was awesome and the cat movie was aweosme. Keep it up SS!


ii clicked on ryan robinson IT SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME lol


Goldencat and Adam-Ant were awesome in this toon.
Thanks for taking the sound out of my movie, by the way.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

it was messing stuff up

flash fraud


idea but a bit wasted i was looking forward to the quiz then it went stupid your a pieces ok what that about bit random with the menu not of the best drawing ive seen silly really


Come on!
The graphics were bad & everything!
You guys can do better