Reviews for "Children (Awake Remix)"

Holy Sh*t

Nice job! front page. great song, I loved the drum set. It wen't very well with the piano.


pretty sick shit u got here dude. keep on keeping on.

breath taking

this is an amazing peice and I enjoy it alot the light and upbeat sound is perfect keep up the good work... Do you have any pointers for someone who is just starting out

Welcome to the epic club my friend!

Great remix of a classic man. This has some really great sounds in it, and it's a good arrangement. It reminds me a lot of the song that I produced, and it's very epic and ambient...just, yeah lol. While the bass is nice, I feel like it was too wide with the cutoff, and too quiet compared to everything else, but it still works well. The saws that you use are great, and really add that trancey, upbeat feel. This combined with the classic element is great. The drums are quite good, and really only need to come out in the kick (it's just a hair underneath the mix, but it still works well). I think that the drops require a just a slight bit more anticipation, if you catch me; they come in too suddenly after too much time (if you wanted it to come in suddenly, you should have backed off on the measures it took to build up...it's like you're ears are idle for too long). Overall, though, Rawrthaas, this is an excellent tune. I'm seriously impressed. This is my favorite song by you, for sure. Keep it up, and carry on writing songs in the same vein!

Word, from your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer, Jazzman! ;)


Rawrthaas responds:

thanks man


If it had more bass it would be perfect, and the wobble needs to be fixed (make it smoother) and you got an octo-deca-quin tuple-kilo-hedron (x85000 real number) platinum record