Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"


This is an awesome remake! This was never really one of my favorite tracks from the game but your version makes it sound a hell a lot better. Keep on making excellent music man. I command you..... uh, no i don't.

Khuskan responds:

Try listning to my other rexixes of zelda. I personally think those are better but for some reason everyone loves this one :\

Thanks, this is perfect!!!!

this is what mmakes me rember all that so great about the game and its soundtrack. Relly well done! Ive been looking for this one myself and i coudent of ask for it to be done any better like i said its perfect!!! ah ten and fives all around!!!


i got goosebumps


good music


You got the timing of the loop down pretty good. I can just barley make out the timing of transition. Nice job