Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"

did you....?

did you record the song or did you make it urself? yea, its that convincing!!!!

Khuskan responds:

Made it myself, in reason. I blame the amazing loyalty-free orchestra samples that come with reason, its perfect for this sort of thing.

Love the Game and Still do!

I absolutely LOVE this game and Song!


I going crazy over this! Soo many good memories. Could you do a longer version or somthing? It seems to end kind of abruptly after the build up


This song is so nice that whenever I play OoT, I have to skip this part or I start to get tired. This is very good. now if you will excuse me, Im going to fall asleep now.

Simply beautiful

You did really good with the looping I'm impressed,good job!