Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"


Very atmoespheric feeling when you hear this. Nice remake, didn't even realise the loop. An enjoyable and precious audio to hold on to.

Khuskan responds:

mp3'ing tracks kills loops, as it adds about a 10th of a second silence at both ends where it inserts extra data like id3 tagging.

pretty sweet

this was a pretty good one. im right now working on a egend of zelda one from majora's mask but still this was great


Something about this song Calms me. Good job.

nice! 10/10

i like the flutes but overall, it makes me think happy thoughts! keep up the good work! ^.^

very good!

i hope no one ever screws up making zelda music. please make one of when you first enter the twilight realm in LoZ: Twilight princess