Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"


Nice take at this theme. Although it isn't an original piece, the samples used are top-notch. Good instrumentation choices and rendition. You make me want to look at using reason or cubase as an alternaive choice. :-)


Khuskan responds:

Reason is definatly the best for classical sounding tracks like this. All my orchesteral tracks are done with the loyalty-free reason samples, which are of amazing quality.

Lovely Interpretation

A good all-round interpretation with a good choice of instruments.
The only problem which is your fault is that you've done very little to make it your own piece, you should change music slightly if you're gonna cover it.
I worked out what causes the 10ms silence on either end - ID3. In other words, there is NOTHING you can do about it.
Try for OCR.

Yay, just what i need!

I need this for a movie, but im new so do i have to ask before i use it?
Or can i use it whenever i want?

Khuskan responds:

Go ahead, thats what the audio portal is for. When you download the track, the file will have a number before the .mp3. When you submit your flash, you will be prompted for that number, just paste that in and everythings cool.

Sorry for the retards out there.

People, read the reviews. Thats what theyre there for. He just used the notes, with the midi as a GUIDE he didint just rip it off.

Great Job Man, at first I thought it was the real thing, just a little slower...

Again, sorry for those retards who, after you tell them like 900 times, still say you ripped it.

Khuskan responds:

I didn't use the midi at all.. I notated from the cart :-\

definately not worthy of top ten....

wtf, is this the same song from the game? how is this different from that of the game? im confused... did you cheat to get to number one too? ive noticed that this song has climbed with no other reviews or DLs...

Khuskan responds:

The one in the game is midi, this is not.

I notated every goddamn note from the cart to midi, then transfered that over and applied samples to it.

Prehaps you will find that votes reflect quality and not downloads.