Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"

Oh no you didn't!

HOLY CRAP!! That's so funny, I totally forgot all about this song! I used to love playing this song over and over in piano class back when the game just came out! Those jazz chords are like butter on toasted pecans! Thanks for bringing me back.

Good arrangement...sounds better than the original!

Khuskan responds:

I've never had butter on toasted pecans.. must be an american thing.

I love this song=]

I love what you did with the OOT theme song, i think that it deserves no less than a tribute of this scale.Two thumbs up

Khuskan responds:

Thanks for the review, its great to see my songs going down well with people XD

I love Zelda

Nice audio

really good

i love this song. makes me remember when i got this game

Good Stuff.

I think you have done a great service to all the LoZ fans out there putting this up, good man.