Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"


It's a little bit calmer then the orignal,wich makes it even better! it makes me so calm i amost fall aslepp^____^'


i always did like this song and still do ^.^ very nice job at first i thought it was the game.

pretty sweet

this was a pretty good one. im right now working on a egend of zelda one from majora's mask but still this was great

Sorry for the retards out there.

People, read the reviews. Thats what theyre there for. He just used the notes, with the midi as a GUIDE he didint just rip it off.

Great Job Man, at first I thought it was the real thing, just a little slower...

Again, sorry for those retards who, after you tell them like 900 times, still say you ripped it.

Khuskan responds:

I didn't use the midi at all.. I notated from the cart :-\

Great work!

I love how well-done the song is. The only thing I can criticize is the little jump at the beginning of the song. I know it's part of it to make it loop, but if it could be shaped to be placed at the end, it wouldn't sound so jerky to start with. Other than that little tidbit, it's a great piece!

Khuskan responds:

Well the gap is actually at both ends, and sadly thats due to the mp3 compression that must be used to get the music on the site. If you intend to use any looping track from NG in a flash, I suggest you open it up in audacity, delete the gaps off both ends, and save as a .wav to import, this fixes the problem.