Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"


Hearing this song for the first time made me calm and peaceful.
This remake of it is slightly better...it sent a shiver down me...



This is a perfect remake of the Ocarina of Time theme, the song so perfectly executed that it got me obsessed with fantasy almost entirely by itself.

omg.. <3

when i first heard this song it gaved me old memories of the days of me with my n64 this is soo in my faves <3 and 4 that u shall get 100/100 and this song shall be put on my faves

Very nice

Wow, this is so relaxing. I need songs like these, lol. Pretty awesome to say the least, I don't really see anything wrong with this. I have been looking for a good Zelda song to add to my MP3 player for a while now.


this song always makes me just get sooo relaxed but at the same time makes me want to go on a real adventure ><