Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"

Lovely Interpretation

A good all-round interpretation with a good choice of instruments.
The only problem which is your fault is that you've done very little to make it your own piece, you should change music slightly if you're gonna cover it.
I worked out what causes the 10ms silence on either end - ID3. In other words, there is NOTHING you can do about it.
Try for OCR.


Nice take at this theme. Although it isn't an original piece, the samples used are top-notch. Good instrumentation choices and rendition. You make me want to look at using reason or cubase as an alternaive choice. :-)


Khuskan responds:

Reason is definatly the best for classical sounding tracks like this. All my orchesteral tracks are done with the loyalty-free reason samples, which are of amazing quality.

You're a keyboardist too, aren't you?

There is no other way to get that quality of woodwind. This is just absolutely mind blowing. I can see it being used in a flash. Maybe I'll make one with that in it cause it's so fucking awesome!

Khuskan responds:

More the merrier ;)

Yeah, i'm a keyboardist, and i used the amazingly awesome Reason 3.0 orkester refill. The samples are AMAZING, and perfect for large numbers like this. Try my ranch re-write too, I personaly perfer that one.




great job there man.


Khuskan responds:

I'd love to do more like this but i've ran out of songs to remix :(


Very atmoespheric feeling when you hear this. Nice remake, didn't even realise the loop. An enjoyable and precious audio to hold on to.

Khuskan responds:

mp3'ing tracks kills loops, as it adds about a 10th of a second silence at both ends where it inserts extra data like id3 tagging.