Reviews for "Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop"

did you....?

did you record the song or did you make it urself? yea, its that convincing!!!!

Khuskan responds:

Made it myself, in reason. I blame the amazing loyalty-free orchestra samples that come with reason, its perfect for this sort of thing.

It's good

Im not gona complaine 100% but seeing as im a big are person to Perfection well not realy but there's one Tiny prob with the song is the flute (or Orcarina) was held on for a bit long in the begining part but it's still realy realy good for get about though's complainers that says they hey midi rips there still good and I like ur's keep it up

Khuskan responds:

well once again, this isnt a midi rip. I played all the notes, off the cartrige, to a midi score via a keyboard. Of course, I fully sympathise with anybody who belives it is so, admitadly it is hard to tell, but if you listen to this then the origional you will notice differences like tempo changes, new instruments added, melody tinkered etc.

Yeah, its a flute at the start. The reason you hear it is because I designed this song to loop round in circles, to make it more useful for flash animators.

What happens is, at the end of the song, the flute died out, but I had to paste this at the start of the song to make the loop more seamless. its a bit of a problem somtimes, but if you listen to the song, say, twice in a row, you'll notice why I did it.

Thanks for the review :D

definately not worthy of top ten....

wtf, is this the same song from the game? how is this different from that of the game? im confused... did you cheat to get to number one too? ive noticed that this song has climbed with no other reviews or DLs...

Khuskan responds:

The one in the game is midi, this is not.

I notated every goddamn note from the cart to midi, then transfered that over and applied samples to it.

Prehaps you will find that votes reflect quality and not downloads.

good job man its good love the zelda songs

good job im really in to the zelda songs so keep it up if u get a chance check out my songs b-squad-dj


I can't express in words how good this is. First off, I absolutely love Zelda... secondly you did an EXCELLENT job of making the opening song from my favorite installment of Zelda.

You're just trying to steal my heart, aren't you? XD

Khuskan responds:

Whatever floats your boat, not that I can say i've impressed many girls with my utter addiction to japanese video games or music thereof, this may just be my big break XD