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Reviews for "RPG Flash 2"


very... odd... but good keep giving it your all


RPG stands for Roll Playing GAME, Not Role Playing Movie.

anyways this flash is kinda good, i like it :).



you call it RPG flash..........Role Playing GAME!!!! fucking idiot do have a go at people for pointing out ur idiocy

EGTB responds:

Thats not a reason to vote zero! You vote on the quality of the flash not by if its a game because it says three measly letters. RPG means Role Playing Game but i doesnt mean that this has to be a game because it says RPG. This is a parody of an RPG, not an actual RPG it's self.


err.. didnt u submit this already and called it "The Mud"? =]

Dude its a good movie BUT WHY WOULD U SUBMIT IT TWICE?

I gave you all 0s because you are not allowed to submit the same movie twice. It's against the rules. ;P

EGTB responds:

No this has an update in graphics and a bit better text. Its different from the last one.