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Reviews for "TFK-Intro"

Good song

I liked the song but there were some things in there to improve. You need to add a play button instead of just jumping into the movie when it is done loading. You also need to make the text box bigger for your loading percentage. Other than that I liked the movie and think that you have a lot of skill with flash.

gouranga1 responds:

thanks alot! im workin on a preloader so i can stop with the ones sothink provides. lol


good job, but what was the song called, i love thousand foot krutch


It's random, gut cool. To me it looks like it was just lot of effects with no really graphics, but it did come at pretty cool. Besides it's better to avoid drawing graphics if you can't make good ones. Well nicely done anyways.

gouranga1 responds:



But good?? You need to have a story line next time kk?

gouranga1 responds:

k will do. thnks 4 the review

Very Random

The music was a good choice, but there really was no point for this flash, it was just random images that were set in a slideshow like manner. It wasn't bad don't get me wrong, but there just was no point to the flash.