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Reviews for "Men's Wearhouse Volume 1"

Fucken Awesome!

I'm only saying this for the one made by Rtil. All the other ones were a wase of time... ...Do you have the reciept?

Starberry responds:

"the others a waste of time"

go away


The Rtil was awesome, in fact i loved it but all the other ways sucked big time. If it weren't for those other parts i would have put a 10 everywhere.

Starberry responds:


Rtils work dragged down by the rest

Rtil produced a destintive, atmospheric story. the grphic style isn't specially my taste, but I recognise talent when I see it and it had a 'film noir' style I admired.
Talyor Bortners started OK but the pointless foul text ruined it for me.
The rest were just a mish-mash of friends getting in on the act or something.
Perhaps if this company was at all familiar to us, it might help the rest of the world to appreciate this.

Starberry responds:

i guess the british dont know anything about looking sharp in suits????

Holy shit star flash that roxed?!?!

Make more of these and not that other shit you made that hit the turd fan.that was funny and NOT spam?Is this a dream?Theres not even any anti foamy shit in this?Did you guys find god?


Please do a Resident evil type one next


Starberry responds:

what makes you think i, starberry (or anyone else in this), make tons of anti foamy flash

oh and why would we do a resident evil no seriously why that is a horrible idea

oh and if you havent, watch 2 and 3 of this series

I'm rating Rtil's animation, the others are trash.

The reason i'm rating this one so highly is because of Rtil's work, its well done, funny, and the voice overs are fucking perfect. I believe you should have submitted this by yourself, the others are trash compared to this. I personally believe the overall score would be in the 4.05 - 4.20 range had you submitted solo. Great work Rtil, and you other guys....okay...stuff... i guess...

Starberry responds:

why must you be such a nobody