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Reviews for "Men's Wearhouse Volume 1"

Now that made me laugh

You will get a five from me. I GUARANTEE IT

Starberry responds:


great music!

is there any way i can get the menu song in mp3 or something? i like the way it looks. i guarantee it

Starberry responds:

it's from a ytmnd i forgot which one just search zimmer

A big ol' bag of swell

I enjoyed every bit of it. I laughed. I cried...well I didn't cry, just laugh. One of them literally had we on the floor laughing for 10 minutes (much to my siblings anoyance). That was the one were Zimmer turns into a monster XD

Thumbs up guys =D

Starberry responds:

jetto ninjin mabayui hikari ii koto aruyo jetto ninjin

I almost threw up in laughter at theIRG's part

And the others were quite swell, indeed. Excellent work all around, especially the lazer eyes in Starberry's part.

Starberry responds:

ew dont fvomoit

that was so fucking awsome

i'm refering mainly to Rtil's video, the others weren't as good. but realy Rtil's video was so good, and realy funny. i find that it retained the quilaty of a hand drawn animation but, not nearly as hard to do. all in all it was realy vary good. the others, i'm not so sure about, at least you did well Rtil.

P.S i'm Dagolith

Starberry responds:

are you trying to tell me that you're reviewing this a second time