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Reviews for "Men's Wearhouse Volume 1"

6 stars just for the first submission

The other submissions were poor in comparison in my comparison. Sorry to say but the quality on the others were incredibly poor and the jokes were simply crude attempts at humour.



That was great

The first scene was the best out of the lot, by a long shot. I cant say much for the animation, but the joke was funny, and the voice acting was decent. and It Was much like the Godfather, which made me grin, especially the ending. its I cant say much for the other animations, but the first one really made this worth watching.

Hahahaha!! That was Great!

As weird as it seems, this was freaking awesome! The graphics were mediocre, but just the sign of that guy going totally berserk was outrageously funny! I guess there's not much to review as it was so short, but it was definitely enjoyable!

RTl's part was cool.

A real mix in quality.

Rtil's sketches were awesome - kinda MSGish with the shading style and loose lines. Mouths sometimes didn't 'fit' though. The dialogue, voice acting and music were brilliant - really adding up to a hilarious whole.

I gotta admit confusion though - I guess this is a real chain in the USA but why all the MSG style and music? Is there some connection?

None of the other toons were really as funny.

However, Taylor's voice for Zimmer was funny and I liked IRG's 'distortion'.