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Reviews for "Men's Wearhouse Volume 1"

Good work, all around

There's really not a whole lot to say. Collabs in this format are becoming more popular everyday; if only more of them could contain this caliber content. Good to see a variety of animation styles all done relatively well, though there wasn't really anything mind-blowing presented.

Kudos in particular to TheIRG and Taylor for getting crazy; and Rtil especially for his solid narrative.

Starberry responds:

congrats to YOU FOR NOT BEING a dick about the other ones aside from rtils

great idea

Starberry- whats the music u used in ur part?

Starberry responds:

the jungle combat from metal gear solid 3

If I could NOT give this a rating, I wouldn't...

If only I could rate the first one, I'd be happy. It was fantastic, very artful, had great atmosphere, and funny voice-overs. However, I wish I could erase all the others from my mind and this submission. They basically rode on Rtil's coattails on this one, that was nice of him to let them do that. Well...Psychomidget's wasn't all THAT bad. =)

Starberry responds:

psychomidget's is,..... gREAT

Ok lets get something straight

I gave it a ten but i only mean the first on by Rtil everything else is, im sorry to say, crap. Sound is horrible no concept or anything. The first one was amazing. Too bad others couldnt get half as good.

Starberry responds:



...Although the animations following the first weren't as utterly mind-blowing, it was good overall.

"I'm George Zimmer. And I NEVER fall back on my guarantees."

Make more, Rtil.

Starberry responds: