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Reviews for "Men's Wearhouse Volume 1"

I gave you a 10! great submission... but

You could have credited Harry Gregson-Williams, or just MSG for the soundtrack...

Starberry responds:


wow lol

nice collab, everything was good! nice plot 2!

Starberry responds:



random, funny, psycho. were the writers on crack when the did this??
well its fuckin funny. thats waht matters.

Starberry responds:

no crack

It's a shame...

The first one was a beauty of a piece. The hand drawn style was amazing, and simple animations worked well. There was some hokiness to some parts, specifically the lips and eyes, but it looked good and was a very decent animation. The other ones were crap, I hate how collabs get a bad rap for only having one good animation then stuffed full of other half baked crap. I wouldn't even call the other animations half baked, I'd be giving too much credit.

rtil, you did good, next time submit your own without these others. Others, shame on you, whatever happened to quality flash?


Starberry responds:

how in the hell are the others not good? I FAIL TO SEE ANYONE'S POINTS

That was funyn as shit!

OMG I laughed pretty damn hard. That was hilarious.

Starberry responds: