Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"


well done.............gun-butting scene caught me off guard. I gave you a 5.

You should bring Xin in as a cameo...

It may sound really cheesy, and perhaps you're trying to get away from your Xin fame, but I'm sure if you place him in as a customer in the young girl's cafe to save her life...it may look cool. After all, Xin is a transient (moves from here to there), and it would keep him within character and wouldn't ruin the plot too much.

Lifepoint kicks ass..

Always love your work lifepoint.. ever since watching Xin. Keep it up.


I loved the Xin series, and this one looks really good. The voice acting was excellent, and you did a good job portraying the guy as a complete bum. And glad he died like he did. -mumble-

But yeah. I'm looking forward to the next one :P


that was just plain AWESOME!
theres nothing else to say