Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"


Xin..am i wrong.... i loved it and once i saw the flash i figured it was from teh xin creator. I love it and you are one for a good story keep up the good work!~

loved it, and all the kazahana so far, but......

i wonder why all the starting characters are pervs (the guy from face to face, and this guy) anyway, good flash, great violence, the plot continues and cant wait for more ^^


ok one word... perfect this is the best series i have ever seen cant wait to see more of em it would be even better if the anime was a little more clear, smoothed out and shaded out aside all that its awsome

Loved it!

The characters, the blood, the expressions, the storyline, the graphics, the sound. It was all so good!
You guys should seriously think about turning this into a real anime or manga.

I... Love... It

(>^,^)> Impressive!!! Pure Genius