Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"


Not really my style, it drags, like, hardcore. That gyu must have a shatload of blood in him too. I can see how some might like this, but like i said, it outlived my attention span by anout five minutes.

Not bad

I enjoyed it a bit. The beginning was a bit dull though besides the part where the hobo grabs the girl's butt lol. The flash finally got my attention in the middle where he meets the two guys. When they said that the hobo had 10 days to run, I was interested but it was quickly ended with the guy getting beaten up into a bloody mess. If you made this into a series, I would have gave you a better score but o well. It's just that I wanted to know what happens during the 10 day period.

Anyways it's a good decent flash. Keep it up :)

It was ok ^^

Hey lol like the idea of that
the end was confusing though :s

An Interest

The story and how the focus character was involved proved to be more original than most. Though it failed to really "wow" me, I appreciate what it is and the work put into it, and I have respect for that. Keep going and continue to hone your skill.

Nice work

This was cool and like that the story keeps getting better, I do think you should make the "VIEW-SCREEN" much larger thats just an idea but the rest you have here is pretty solid the "VOICE" work is really welldone I have enjoyed your work here, so nice job indeed.

Make the view screen larger