Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

heheeey, your back in it again O.o

your gonna make a new serie after XIN? wow, im lookin forward to it! allthough this episode was a bit bloody for my taste O.o


I straight away recognized the narrator's voice from XIN. It was weird. Not the voice, the fact that I remembered it.
Anyways. Entertaining how that guy just walked up and grabbed the girl's ass.
It was good, but you had A LOT of blood. Some people enjoy that (creepy), and it's just my opinion that you could tone it down some.
Anyways, good job. Do I smell a series?

this has alot of potential

For all people that says the story line sucks, that's because in all begining, the characters are setted up. Other than gags at beggining to spicen things up, every story begins with an intro. Sure, this movie shows alot of violence off the start, but that's because they have skipped the part about the phone call to a kazahana saying word for word. Somebody mentioned there was too much bood, but somewhere around 95 (Not wasting my time on haters) percent of the body is made up of water. I don't find it humorous about the pervy guys because it's really pathetic seeing some guy running around and then just all the sudden try to rape a girl. That's what threw my score off.
It is though much better than the Xin's beggining shows when they showed the characters... didn't even drew some of the people. The sound I can hear well the graphics are good. the plot from what I understand so far is about the kazahana family fighting for gold whether or not they want to. The reason why the brothers joined was probly because either A. they came from the same mother meaning that they would be too self concious to kill each other or B. they agreed that more people could work with them and they could share the money 50/50. Something tells me thought there could only possible be 1 chapter to this because it's pretty much one way. 1/10000000 chance of something happening for that last kazahana member.

Ty for anyone reading this long review and hope you understand it better


Outta the other 2 kazahana flash, I liked this one the best...

I would like to see more

There sure are a lot of perverts in the Kazahana clan. XD Nice twists with this one too though, even if the violence level and style's starting to seem more like Xin than this one... interesting to see how all this develops.