Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

Each time its a bit crazier

Each time i see something from the Kazahana series it gets abit crazier. But its always funny how a person dies.

Might be a bit biased...

Ok... I loved it. But, I was also one of the voice actors, so of course I liked it. But, there were a couple of things I found with it that might be improved.

The music was louder than the voices at time this could be due to the voice actors recording, as we have to send the lines in. I know mine were a little soft at points).

The screen size is small, as was stated earlier. I know you have reason for this Max... just not sure what it is.

Anyway, that's about it. For those who might be wondering, I was Katsunori Kazahana (the one playing with the knives). I'm not a professional VA... I just like to do it for fun. This was my fisrt time, and Max gave me a shot. Once again, thanks Max!

So, if it seems like I gave this a score you (those about to watch) think is too high remember... my opinion, my vote, my score.


If you could get an animation house on your idea, I bet this series would sell like hot-cakes for japanamation (or even with an american animation house). Hit up a manga artist and you'd have almost unlimited fodder for the "stories".

Of course I'm most likely not giving you any ideas that you already haven't thought of. Keep at it and register the series, you can make some serious $$ out of it.


gj this is sweet. i look forward to more maybe =) ???

keep going

This series can be really good if you continue it.