Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

Nice work

This was cool and like that the story keeps getting better, I do think you should make the "VIEW-SCREEN" much larger thats just an idea but the rest you have here is pretty solid the "VOICE" work is really welldone I have enjoyed your work here, so nice job indeed.

Make the view screen larger


There sure are a lot of perverts in the Kazahana clan. XD Nice twists with this one too though, even if the violence level and style's starting to seem more like Xin than this one... interesting to see how all this develops.


This wasn't bad, but still not quite enough to recommend. It was just weird seeing as how the story seemed off. Why are all these guys perverts? I don't remember if that's the same guy from the other entry. Omahdon is as good as ever. I think this had an interesting story.

It was just a little too long. It seemed to be overly complicated. By no means is it bad. I can recognize your animation style. It was quite interesting.


amazing. As a story writer This makes me feel amazing. Lust pain greed. You show most human sin. You make the veiwer think the 'hero' is safe only to show a cruel ending of pain and blood. the last one I saw was the one where the 'hero' was protecting the girl only to have her betray him. And all cause someone he killed was who she loved. My stomach turned at the lack of love for the boy who loved her. your a rather dark writer. I hope to see more from you. and I hope to hear from you if You want some idea I'd like to help.

it was ok

it was ok but i liked the other ones better cuz this one was a bit more disgusting le violent not enough martial arts