Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"


gj this is sweet. i look forward to more maybe =) ???

Great job! Big thanks to you all!

Very professional! Story line, characters, animation was done very well. Keep em coming!

Loved it!

The characters, the blood, the expressions, the storyline, the graphics, the sound. It was all so good!
You guys should seriously think about turning this into a real anime or manga.

it was awsome

i loved all of the life point animations and i love this one as well. if this stuff was all turned into an acutal anime series then i would buy all of the eppisodes and i would be BROKE. it is amazing and i cannot wait for future installments. i'll be awaiting.


If you could get an animation house on your idea, I bet this series would sell like hot-cakes for japanamation (or even with an american animation house). Hit up a manga artist and you'd have almost unlimited fodder for the "stories".

Of course I'm most likely not giving you any ideas that you already haven't thought of. Keep at it and register the series, you can make some serious $$ out of it.