Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"


no offense but does your life only excist of xin-like films get some different stuff


im glad u thoguht that was funny too dp99 cause i laughed my ass off when he came back and started beating him again.


ok this is to funny cause he was beating him to death and left so in xin they would of left him but in this he came back and beat him to death with gun so damn funny also need a main chacter one who dosent care about the money and hes not trying to fight but he kicks ass and i guess there is 2 groups of the family unless there one big group but make more damn it cause its fucking awsome


Outta the other 2 kazahana flash, I liked this one the best...

I would like to see more

Need more

We need More Kazahana <.< !!!