Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

You should bring Xin in as a cameo...

It may sound really cheesy, and perhaps you're trying to get away from your Xin fame, but I'm sure if you place him in as a customer in the young girl's cafe to save her life...it may look cool. After all, Xin is a transient (moves from here to there), and it would keep him within character and wouldn't ruin the plot too much.

A little confusing...

But a great movie. Im not sure if your intending to make more of these, but if you do im sure they'll be great.

The guy b4 Me..Eat DogNuttz..Brainstain..WTF!

I love it, most people can't understand ur style and what u bring to the flash game.....WTH is this dude's problem..Brainstain--"Maybe I am just opening my big mouth before the real story starts" 2 Late..DUDE U already did...Keep up the good work..

Convoluted Story

The plot seems really convoluted. I know that this is a collaborative project, but that just makes it an even greater waste of time. You really should have thought out a better story before attempting something of this magnitude.
It seems like a rip off of all the worst anime I have seen stuck together
- the stupid desparate guy who hasnt had sex in years on the verge of raping some girl
- the dragon ball style radars - how exactly do they track specific people anyway? do they have a chip in them? Maybe its a "biosignature" but it wasnt explained properly and the technology seems out of synch with the setting.
- the excessive stylized violence simply for its own sake. I don't have anything against this, except when the entire plot revolves around it.

I am a fan of anime. An example of when stylized violence works is Ninja Scroll. The story wasnt anything standout, but at least it was balanced and stuck to a "heros journey" model. Vampire Hunter D - same thing again; you have the main character you can relate to.

By the way I enjoyed Xin. While lacking in a "complete" story it at least touched on the issue of corporal punishment and adolescent learning experiences. It was violent at parts but didnt have anything like the gun bashing scene in this.

It just looks like a group of barbaric characters and no one around to counter this mindset. At least Fist of the North Star had one guy who was fed up of the killing. Even the Yakuza have more moral codes than this.

Maybe I am just opening my big mouth before the real story starts, but at the moment I think you've dropped in quality.


Good work with it. but personally i found most of it pretty boring, worth the look though