Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

I am prepared for a great series!

This has a lot of potential and i great story- but lets me just suggest a few things.

1. Make the screen bigger- it was way too small

2. SLIGHTLY just very slighty Improve your animation

3. Make the sound a bit louder

and I hope a lot charcters arent ganna be like that rapist guy-nasty stuff

But asides from that-

I can wait too see what happens NEXT!

Good. Nothing else.

I am kinda dissapointed. The graphics of the Kazahana series have not improved at all. Kazahana: Ten Days to Run do - in fact - look like any episode before. There were never any major differences. Sorry, you lost your points here.

But here some good news. The style of the ( nearly ) neverending fight of the Kazahana can only matched by the greatest artist on newgrounds.

Here bad news again. The voices were... how could I explain it? The were not the worst, no,no. But they weren´t good either. Some voices were louder, the others quite the opposite. Sometimes it was pretty hard to comprehend anything. You lost some points here too.

Violence. Much, but believable. Life isnt fair, neither is death. And since the Kazahana resembles a great mafia family I cant say, that there was too much blood. Ok, a tad maybe. But no point loss

Interactivity...awesome! I could push the start button! I guess you dont really expect points here *laughs*

Humor? Not given in this situation. No points here but it doesnt affect the overall points.


Nice idea, arts gotten better, story line was good too. I reconized some of the voices, drawings have gotten better since XIN, and Surface. Keep up the good work for you continually keep impressing me with your concepts, art, and voices.


This series is gonna be boss. Can't wait.

heheeey, your back in it again O.o

your gonna make a new serie after XIN? wow, im lookin forward to it! allthough this episode was a bit bloody for my taste O.o