Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

You guys have such creative talent

Such original, tempting and enjoyable ideas.

I cannot wait for others to come out. This is going to be great!


I loved the Xin series, and this one looks really good. The voice acting was excellent, and you did a good job portraying the guy as a complete bum. And glad he died like he did. -mumble-

But yeah. I'm looking forward to the next one :P

Wow Cool!

That rocked! I like the concept alot! i cant wait for the next one. i have no complaints whatsoever. I loved it all! Keep up the great work! xD

Very well done

this flash had a great look and story line. and the bludgioning with the rifle but helped out alot too. BADASS!!


I straight away recognized the narrator's voice from XIN. It was weird. Not the voice, the fact that I remembered it.
Anyways. Entertaining how that guy just walked up and grabbed the girl's ass.
It was good, but you had A LOT of blood. Some people enjoy that (creepy), and it's just my opinion that you could tone it down some.
Anyways, good job. Do I smell a series?