Reviews for "Kazahana: Ten Days to Run"

wow -.-

the animation is awesome,the sound,violence is awesome,but the storyline is CRAPAGE.

loved it, and all the kazahana so far, but......

i wonder why all the starting characters are pervs (the guy from face to face, and this guy) anyway, good flash, great violence, the plot continues and cant wait for more ^^


that was just plain AWESOME!
theres nothing else to say

Worst flash ever made.

This is the worst flash movie ever made in the world, in my eyes.

i dont think this is really for the front page.

im not gonna be an asshole and insult you but for someone with a website and what seems to be a production co. it should be way better in quality the background animation is good but the characters look horrible my flash animation isnt any better but idk. its also goes way too long with no action and too much bad voice acting i didnt even finish it i stopped at where he gets kicked while tied to a chair its just boring. last thing i dont like the main character what is he a sexual predator or something like did he hump a stranger? it would have been ok if it was a comedy but wow thats wierd.