Reviews for "xKore - Syntax"


Great job on your awesome song.

Good shit!

Keep doing what you're doing man.

This is amazing work.


I fucking love this song.

And thank god there are people out there, that realize that the genre doesn't really matter, as long as it somewhat fits and sounds good. And this shit is good ^^

just love it

out of my 100+ dubstep collection, this has got to be the only one that never gets skipped.
i love the smooth intro which makes you feel like something awesome is on it's way.
and that is definitely what comes next. i love the bass and the higher synth over the top, plus all the little sound effects that usually go unnoticed.
great job. :)


i feel the same way dude a lot of the aspiring music creators here could make it big on a label and Kore your no exception this is amazing stuff...far different from generic dubstep it has feeling in it. the piano sound (not sure exactly what it is) adds an emotion i have yet to feel in any other dubstep tracks. keep the beats kickin mate :D