Reviews for "xKore - Syntax"


this is good dubstep song i like it :)

Beat hazard makes this moar awesome

i listened to your music before beat hazard, but the armada of spaceships on this song
with hardcore makes the song even more epic

the feeling thats created

its almost as if some kind of machine is powering up. i was thinking about using this in the future if its alright with you. i gotta get flash animator first, but damn this is good. the machine i think is powering up i call project "big bang" 4 conduits charge and dump their energy into a collecting dish then it fires. the result is a hyper nova the most powerful explosion. all that was inspired by this song congrats XKore


The sounds were sharp and snappy
there were no breaths taken in
Very nice
You finally made me talk on newgrounds for some time


Well, I normally give longish reviews, but I have only two words to describe this song:

Quality stuff.