Reviews for "xKore - Syntax"

in the beginning, it was kinda repetitive and quiet, but after that it got sooooooooooooo much better, it's really awesome!!

The buildup of this song is probably the best part, and the payoff is genuine PROFIT!

5/5 10/10, Another great track by XKore. Almost ALL the tacks I've heard from XKore have been good, I've almost never heard a bad XKore song. As I said, 5/5 10/10 as I usually rate.

This is just good electronic music.

Nice suspense song

I might use this on my very first animation Annihilate. I like the suspense in the beginning and middle, for my talk scenes leading up to fighting, and the sharp tones, actually kind of representing hits on an enemy. All in all, i have 2 words for you:

Insanely EPIC.