Reviews for "xKore - Syntax"

nais song

Roflol to all the people who think that wobbles are necessary to make a dubstep song a dubstep song. Thumbs up m8

xKore responds:

Thank you.


Yeah, I cannot say it's exactly dubstep.. Not enuf wobblays and dubsteps GOTS to have them wobbleys. It's more Industrial which sorta makes sense cuz its robotic..

BUT! I think people are being unfair when they give this song a low score, because despite being in the wrong genre it's is still an awesome song which I thoroughly enjoy listening too. It's excelent. And you nailed the robotic feel by the way! It's neither cliche nor understated. You tell it's robotic without being overwhelmed by the theme! Great song with some original sounds too that i have not heard before -which is a shame cuz they were great.

So good job! Keep it up! Just, it aint dubstep. But don't hate it for that! :) Also, how can ppl never hear of dubstep b4? Its too awesome to never be heard before! Also, Newgrounds should have an industrial genre if it doesn't have one.. I'm going to go see..

P.s. I'd love to hear some real dubstep by you. You seem like the artist who adds their own sound to things while still fitting the genre. Idk, I'm going to check out some of your other music now just to see...

Dubstep Eh?

Well Dubstep is getting big here in England / London its starting to get played on radio stations and stuff like that.
Now, I am a massive fan of Dubstep, but I am not sure that this song is 140 bpm which is Dubstep.
Also, wheres thw 'wob's and the seriously heavy bassline?
Guys if you want to listen to real dubstep, go on youtube and just search dubstep, or if you want to hear some filthy dubstep (gorestep) search borgore. Have fun.

xKore responds:

Yes i listen to lots of dubstep. I've been feeling alot of Bar 9 and Akira Kiteshi lately, I know my dubstep, I know what dubstep is.

Secondly, can you listen with your fucking ears. Yes it's 153bpm, yes there is no wob. I submit to the dubstep category because I have been doing alot of dubstep lately. Seriously, why the fuck do people judge music on what 'rules' it follows and how the same it is as everything else, instead of listening to the fucking song and having an opinion on the song for what it is.

What if my song was in a different category. Would you be satisfied then? because that didn't fucking change the song.


Mh never heard about this genre.... well there are 100000 anyway good to know one more i can enjoy, like the tune =)

So its "robot" relied track, well i gues it sort of hits at least, but as a NG i like it for the sound =)

Good shit!

Keep doing what you're doing man.

This is amazing work.