Reviews for "xKore - Syntax"

I love this

Yeh, epic,

Motoi would be proud.

Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration. Still, this would fit perfectly in a dungeon in a Star Ocean game. That probably wasn't what you were going for at all, though. Maybe I just play too many video games. Still, it's pretty good--I continue to be impressed by your work.

More aware of holidays

I should know by now that holidays on Newgrounds also happen to have a lot of audio submissions related to them. I really liked how this one tried to be far apart from the standard. It is admirable to hear something that breaks out of repetition like this. I do not know how well you did in the contest but I do hope this came in fairly high. It is weird how it seems to simply change its tone in the middle of the song, rather than stop completely like it seems at first. It also seems to give a more mystical feeling towards the end.

This is....

DUBSTEP like I love it!
It got style and is so damn perfect!
keep it on!

Best dubstep song I ever heard

This track is just overwhelmingly awesome! The beat, the crunchy bass, the choir. Woah... although there's just so much going on at the same time, it still sounds so clean and perfect.

Like the review below me, I'm not very into Dubstep either, but this song is just above every other Dubstep song I ever heard (along with Reflections by Jazzman). Great job on this track, dude!