Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"

smack it around

is a very chilling horror movie begening so far, but it washard to tell cause it was so dark, did a dark shadowy figure steal his car or did he wlk to it and drive off?

i guess ill have to wait till next month, ill keep an eye out for it

and the quality of art is very high, i like the graphics a lot

Well Done!

yes, a thrilling piece to watch! waiting a long time for another good series i can follow, surely this seems it could be the best since salad fingers, really thrilled that episode two will be done in a month.

that is amazing

This is so proffecinal, and such a good story line. and I'm a writtter so I'm good with stories, and this story, my good man, is definitely good writting. This deserves a five, and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

And this such good work, so many things were in 3D, and such dramatic effect, gah!!!!!


its cool but what that last guy sayed the plot was to slow and i think it still isnt there.
well i think that dude looks alot like the dude from "secret windows"
are you inspired by that?
well gtg now XD
maby il mail you cuz i wna be a animator 2 ...
plz i wnt to know the programs you use for this cool animation
bye and greets serdiss


Yeah fellow BCer nice to see. :)