Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"

This was a great movie

This is the best movie I've seen, (Please Respond to This). Graphics, 10. Sound, 10, I gave everythinga 10, except for violence and humor; because it was so good, who was that person, and that thing? Oh man, a prologue would have been nice (preface) you know. I thought it was very well done. Great Job, keep up the good work.


I enjoyed the new style of animation you've used compared to what's usually on Newgrounds.

Although I think the part where it shows the trees again is unnecessary. I also find the voice acting not so good, it sounds too faked out. For realism I think staying up too long can achieve that voice, or waking up too early. I think a normal voice would be fine though.

I liked the flash but something about it didn't grab at my attention. A suggestion is to add a flashback scene, like something that happened in between the Father and son. I'm not sure, but I look forward to part 2.

i enjoyed it it

it was an okay animation it didnt love it but it was far better than other things on the site voice acting was bad and that was probably my biggest complaint

Only thing I have to say...

Why isn't this rated higher?!!? Its BARELY above 4 right now. I seen worse things with 4.5+ This is a least a 4.6

As everyone has said, your voice acting blown. To get the best out of voice acting, DON'T FAKE IT. You need a person whos voice ACTUALLY fits the part. It has to be their real voice.

But why is it rated so low I have no idea. I hope to see this whole series. But work on your voice acting.

Also, I didn't like that the screen was small. I had to zoom in just to watch it fullscreen. You should also make a fullscreen and Original screen option.

that is amazing

This is so proffecinal, and such a good story line. and I'm a writtter so I'm good with stories, and this story, my good man, is definitely good writting. This deserves a five, and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

And this such good work, so many things were in 3D, and such dramatic effect, gah!!!!!