Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"

It was.... ok.

The animation was good but the plot moved way too SLOW!!! You have to intrigue your enough so that they will come back and watch more I don't feel that you accomplished that in this piece. You can do better.

i dont wanna be mean but

no i lied i do wanna be mean but newgrounds rules wont let me
but just y did u hav to make the screen so small cool style and all but gay....
and like the opening was done really well like the rest of ur animation but it was so boring took way to long and slow but damn good job 8 out of 10 for my two complaints but yea ur a great artist good work

A great start!

An awesome start to the series!

Good Points:
-Awesome animation style
-Great horror theme
-I like how his voice is raspy, it adds to the creepiness :)

Bad Points:
-It's not really your fault, but my computer kept on lagging, but for some reason, I found that if I moved my cursor in circles, the movie played without any lag @_@

Great job, keep up the good work!
I rate it 5/5.


this was a very good flash, im gonna watch the second now and see if its even better :D

Napoleon Dynamite Voice over ^_^

Very interesting, was that a ghost or his dad who peeked from the window.very freekee...... although Drugal sounded like Napoleon Dynamite. ^_^ keep the series going!!