Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"


rather boring start and the sound was a bit off when he was on the fone otherwise rather suspenseful


This was done very well. The graphics were very good. The story seems very interesting and leaves you wanting more. I hope you can maintain the good work. Well Done.


At the moment I cannot tell how this series will end up, as for this first segment has been long and not extremly interesting but seeing as it's part of a series I can not make a total review. Besdies that the animation is of nice quality.

very good and artistic

i wont say this was amazing but it was very well done and well thought out and the graphics were very great and the 3-D effects were not choppy at all. why i said i want say this was amazing is because it is an intro episode but it was very suspensefull for a intro episode. it was good and i am going to see the rest. great work


its cool but what that last guy sayed the plot was to slow and i think it still isnt there.
well i think that dude looks alot like the dude from "secret windows"
are you inspired by that?
well gtg now XD
maby il mail you cuz i wna be a animator 2 ...
plz i wnt to know the programs you use for this cool animation
bye and greets serdiss