Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"

The reason

I am very intrigued by the story line. I look forward to the sequal. Everything was good with two exceptions. One: I found the picture to be a little bit too small. Two: I felt the sound effects. Please do not let this review put you down. I do like this movie. You did a very good job with it. Please continue.


i want part 2 soon please


I give it an A+ on everything exept the voice of the character, he sounded kinda like he was high, good work though! i look forward to part 2 and the many more to come.


wow! Great graphics, good story, and an awesome movie really. :-)
Can't wait to see part 2! Release it soon ;-)


Not much there...

Yeah... There wasn't really enough there for me to determine whether or not the story was good, but the artwork was really good.

The music was strange though... I didn't have it turned up very loud, but it made my house vibrate... Too much bass perhaps? I'm not sure what it was.

But Yeah... All the artwork was top notch...